About Tory

Victoria Marshman began practicing photography at a very young age. After moving from Westchester, NY to San Francisco, CA at a young age, Victoria’s parents enrolled her in an after school photography class, and gifted her her first camera for her 8th birthday. The West Coast offered beautiful beaches, people, and natural wonders for Victoria to experiment with and hone her photography skills.

Woman with Camera

Tory Marshman loves photography

As a child, Tory’s favorite things to photograph were animals and beaches, but as she grew older, she realized that she loved to take pictures of people. No matter what filter, lens, or medium, Victoria Marshman felt that there was something extremely powerful in how humans articulate non-verbally through their body language and expressions.

Marshman continued to take photography classes in the San Francisco area throughout middle school and high school, and would frequently photograph various high school sports games, as well as take portraits of her friends. She even gifted each of her best friends a photograph of themselves that Victoria felt most captured them at that point in their lives – a keepsake she hopes they will hold onto forever.

Victoria Marshman enrolled in Boston University in the Fall of 2006, and graduated in 201o with her Professional Photography Certificate along with her bachelor’s degree. Victoria also took summer courses at the New York Institute of Photography heading into her sophomore and junior years of college. She  treasured this experience as she was able to photograph a new city and very interesting people.

Victoria now owns her own photography business, Victoria Marshman Photography, in Boston, MA. She specializes in headshots, portraits, engagement, and wedding photos. Although these are Victoria’s typical requests, she frequently photographs the city of Boston, and the many places she visits nationally and internationally. Victoria hopes that when someone looks at her photography, he or she will be moved to appreciate the beautiful things that have been created for us in life and in nature.

To learn more about Victoria Marshman’s photography as well as her other hobbies and interests, please explore this website as well as the other sites that are linked to this page. Enjoy!